Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Impressions on 2011 Allen and Ginter

First I'm going to say sorry I haven't been posting regularly for a while.  It's lack of time and things to say and the fact I haven't really been buying much.  I'm going to a trade night tonight so I'll probably pick a few things up. 

And this is old news it's been all over the blogosphere for a few days now and I'm late to the party but what ever. 

Topps released imaged from the upcoming 2011 Allen and Ginter.  I spent way too much money on this product last year.  But I did pull some nice cards.  I can't believe I didn't rip my rip card!! It did help pay for most of the box though.  And while I have been restrained.  I decided that I would not be trying to put together a Heritage set this year instead staying with just the flagship offering, but after looking at some of these images and I'm sure Topps will put out more as we get closer to that Julyish release date, I'm tempted to maybe try again.  I managed to put together a 2010 set with the help of some trades and a great store owner.  I just about finished my Monsters of the Mesozoic mini set, stupid COMC, did put one of my cards in the package.  Whether or not I attempt the whole set or maybe just a few inserts we'll have to see.

First lets start out with the base.  We have a bordered card this year.  I've already read a few reviews that point out that this card looks like nothing put out by Allen and Ginter back in the 1880's.  Which I think is good if Topps keeps doing this well.  Topps is taking a creative license and taking a brand they built from coping classic card designs and adapting that brand with a new look, yet keeping it classic looking.  Bravo.  Finally I've been saying this for a while.  I like retro but how hard is it to make something unique with classic influences?  I'm curious to see what the backs look like too.  I think this design works well, it's simple, yet appealing and would make a nice platform for an autograph, much like the earlier sets.

Next up we have the mini encased on card autos.

Looks like Topps has a great line up of athletes.  I surely wouldn't mind pulling a Jake "Raging Bull" LaMotta Auto.

This one is a little disturbing though.  Where did they get the hair?

Fairly typical relic insert pretty much looks like the last few years here.

I will say this card looks awesome.  But why Mauer and Posey together?  Because their catchers?  I would say that if the patch and bat knob had been for the same player or maybe teammates this card would have been stronger.  As it is it would have made two great separate cards.

The Hometown Heroes replace last years This Day in History cards.

And two other interesting inserts

I love history and especially military history I might have to go after these Floating Fortress cards.  These are not mini's either.
There were a few other cards no pictured but listed on the sell sheet, Step Right Up, carnival cards, The Ascent of Man, cards you put side by side to make a mural, and original sketch cards.
Nope here are the mini's.
Besides the standard issue parallel minis from the players and the parallels of those with black borders and different backs we have these offering for this years mini inserts.

Cards that grow??  Almost as good as cards you spit on.  Topps had those too remember.  I've decided that if I acquire one of these cards I am indeed going to plant it and see if it grows.  You have my word!!!
Next up is a set I probably will go after much like last years dino cards.
Uninvited Guests are paranormal cards!!! If there's things I like 1. would be the mini's 2. dinosaurs and 3. ghosts.  I'm a big fan of the stupid ghost shows on the Discovery Channel, SciFi, and the Travel Channel.  It must be from watching Ghostbusters a million times.
We also have endangered animals.  Meh.

Portraits in Penulimacy.
Cards about the also ran's of history. Hmmmm. Maybe

And the Worlds most Mysterious Figures. Hey now here's another set I might try for.
I'm not sure if some of these will be strictly hobby and others retail, but it seems like a nice diversity in the mini sub sets again this year.  And there are definitely a few I'm going to try and collect.

Lastly we get to the Box Loader previews
The pretty standard cabinet card.

The N43 box loader with relic.  Imaging no relic and you have the base version.  I wouldn't mind this card to add to my Brewers and Braun collection.

But if I pulled this bad boy or something comparable I'd probably drop a load in my shorts.  Wow this would be an incredible pull. 
There will also be all 50 states that I guess are die cut and can be put together to form a big map of the US.
Of course there are the 1 per case rip cards and other goodies, plus Topps 60 cards which I'm curious how they are going to do those cards in A&G.

All in all, I think Topps is going to have a great product here, as long as, quality issues don't come up.

 I think there might be a little something for everyone here. 

cb out

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