Monday, March 21, 2011

My Topps wrapper redemptions come in!!!!

Editors note: I wrote this a few days ago before I left for vacation and this will probably be my only post for the next 2 weeks so enjoy the start to 2011 baseball season and look for me on April 3 at Wrigley field!

I've been seeing the redemption cards pop up on ebay and on some other blogs and figured I should have mine soon.  So when I got home on Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised to see a package from Duryea, cha-cha-cha, Pennsylvania.  And inside were my 3 packs of cards from the Series 1 wrapper redemption. 

Joy!    15 free cool cards all for me!  The best part no doubles.  I will have to assume that there is probably no collation in the packaging and that if you were unlucky enough you could get two packs with the exact same cards in it, but I could be wrong.  On that note I'm not sure how you would tell them apart as there was absolutely no printing or markings on any of the packs.

Here's what I got.

First my favorite card from one of favorite current players.

The Hebrew Hammer!!!

A cuban dictator!!!

Aroldis Chapman deep in thought. 

Andre Ethier looking slightly pissed off.

Felix Hernandez doing his best impersonation of Derek Jeter's "yeah I just screwed your sister" look.

Ichiro seconds before he kicks your ass!  That's Kar-Rot-Tae Hiyaaaa.

Ubaldo Jimenez looking way to innocent, what did you do!!!!

Mat Latos about to give'em the heater.

Nick Markakis looking all dreamy.

Dustin Pedoria not afraid to show his femine side.

Martin Prado official Braves Raccoon.

Albert "soon to be the highest paid man to play a game in the world" Pujols, probably.

Joey Votto staring into the sun.

and Jered Weaver, using his powers to stare into your soul.

Wait was that only 14 cards???

Oh there was also this goodie in one of the packs.

Bawhaaaa!  Who? I'll admit I had no idea who Joe was until I looked him up with a Google search.  He only played for the Browns in the 52 season, before that he played with White Sox in 51 his Big League debut and then 7 years with the Athletics (Philly and KC) and then his final 2 years with the Yankees even getting play in the 1960 World Series, which the Yankees lost to the Pirates in 7.  Joe is currently 82 and still has a very nice sig.

Unfortunately he's not in the HOF and really doesn't have HOF stats but in his 10 year MLB career he did amass 49 HR's, 281 RBI's, and played in 1121 games.  I could have done better, but I suppose I could have done a lot worse and a free vintage sig is better than none.  And hard signed and numbered to 60 to boot.  Looks like Topps still has it's foil stamper that they can use when they feel like it.

Have a great couple of weeks everybody and I'll be back in office on April 4, so look for me then or look for me at Wrigley Field on April 2, as the fiance and I take in a game vs the Pirates.  I'm a Wrigley virgin but I've always wanted to go. 

cb out.


  1. I seriously wonder about Topps sometime. Latos? Have fun at Wrigley; I expect a full report.

  2. Great cards. I need to send for mine now. Crossing fingers for Votto and/or Aroldis - or even Braun, one of my faves also.

    Enjoy Wrigley. Hopefully you'll have decent weather. I was going to be at that same game but now will be out of town so I gave my tix away. Too bad - would have bought you a beer and/or dog.

  3. I know you are on vacation and all, so I don't expect (nor require) a quick answer. But is the Ubaldo available for trade? You are the first blogger I have seen to get it and I have already picked up the other two Rockies.