Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Day after Opening Day!!

Well I'm back finally!  Whew seems like I've been gone a while and that the snow keeps following me.  As a matter of fact it's snowing outside my window right now.  Damn you winter go away!!!

Anyhoo....  I'm going to start off with a post about one of my last days of my vacation.  My fiance has an aunt who lives in Old Town in Chicago and we stayed with her for a couple of days till we flew out of O'Hare and the first night we hit up Twin Anchors which is this awesome little, yet quite famous, rib joint a few blocks from her apartment.

If you ever get a chance don't pass it up, there's always a wait but well worth it.

Then after dinner we headed down the block to Marge's Still for after dinner drinks.

That's right, shot and a  beer. A Schlitz in a bottle no less.  It's Jagermiester if your wondering in the shot glass.

Then it was off to bed and sleep off the beer, so I could drink more beer at Wrigley Field.

I was wrong when I posted that we were going April 3rd it was actually April 2nd.  The second game of the year.

I'm glad we decided not to do Opening Day.  When we pulled into Chicago on April 1st the weather was miserable.  It's kinda looks miserable here and it was sprinkling when we showed up but got sunnier as the day progressed and by the time the game was over at 3pm it was a really nice day.

Here's what my ticket looked like..

Not all that great of a keep sake, but a few people sitting near us were nice enough to give me their stubs for a nice memory.

Alright I actually snagged these from the ground on the way out but there pretty cool, a lot cooler than my ticket stub.

Here is Big Z warming up.  It was a fun day.  Although the Cubs trailed the Pirates most of the day.

We had great seats right on the 3rd base line.  Right next to Soriano who was playing with the crowd and having a good time.  We were very close to where Steve Bartman was sitting when he made his infamous catch.

Sorry the pics are from a cell phone.  I'm not sure who's up to  bat here.  It might be Fukudome when he came in late in the game.  We also got to see the return Kerry Wood who took over for Zambrano and finished off the 7th inning and Carlos Marmol who had a perfect 9th to get the save.

It was a fairly one sided game till the 8th inning when the Cubs poured it on and took advantage of Evan Meek and drove in 5 runs to put the Cubbies ahead for good.

Which of course leads to this....

And a few more shots of the field and score board.

A great way to end a vacation.  My fiance is also a big Cubs fan so I also got to do a little birthday shopping at Wrigley.

After the game we ended by heading over to Yak-Zies for some wings and a few more beers before heading back and watching the Final Four.

Next my visit to Lambeau to start the trip.

cb out


  1. Looks like a great time...I am jealous!!

  2. Glad you had fun. You were in my old backyard.

    Love Twin Anchors and Marge's - and been there collectively at least 100 times (80 Marge's/20 Twin Anchors). Since we brought forth offspring and moved out of the city, my visits have dwindled.

    Great memories.