Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lambeau Field, I'm such a tourist!!

I'm back with my second part of my sports vacation which was actually the first part of the vacation.  We flew into Chicago and rented a car and headed north into Wisconsin to visit my fiances Aunt and Uncle in Oshkosh and then over to my folks place in northern Wisconsin.  On the way to my folks we took a short detour to Green Bay to go to Lambeau and look around.

The best part about Lambeau is that it's always open.  There's the Pro Shop that has everything a Packer fan could desire and a great restaurant, Curly's Pub, that has awesome food.  I've been to Lambeau a few times for games.  Before and after the atrium addition, but I've never just gone to be a tourist.  So we went and got our tickets for the stadium tour and Hall of Fame.

I'll be honest the tour was kinda long, but for a fan it was great.  I learned a lot of little things I didn't know.  That Lambeau has a convention center in it and host over 500 events a year besides Packer games.

One of the first stops is the largest luxury box in Lambeau.  Called the worsts seats in the house because the are as far from the playing field as you can get, I was told you can lease a luxury box for about 30 grand a year.  So if I win the lottery you know I'm there.  (side note: I didn't win the lottery while I was there, but I did play. Mega Millions was over 300 Million!!)

Next they take you down into the tunnels.  Here's our tour guide.

Here we are entering the stadium through the Packers ramp.

And here is the plaque at the end of the tunnel. Looks like they're going to have to get a new one now.

This is the tunnel the opponents get to come out of.

Field level view.  We weren't allowed on the field or any of the locker rooms. Boo.

Still need to add a date here.

After the tour we were kinda hungery so we headed to Curly's Pub for a snack.  I had the Bacon Beer Cheese Burger.  It was freaking awesome I wish I'd have taken a photo of it.  My fiance had the Buffalo Chicken Salad also delicious.

After that we were fueled for the Packers Hall of Fame.

You get this free hand stamp and can come back as much as you want all day!!

I must have got a little caught up in the HOF because I don't think I took any pictures.  Well almost no pictures.

Somethings missing here.  The HOF was great with lots of interactive exhibits and great displays and plenty of room for the new 2010 Super Bowl.  I was a little bummed the 4th trophy wasn't in the Trophy Room yet.  I guess we'll have to go back in a few years.

Here's a photo of Vince outside.

And Vince and Curly.  From this angle it looks like Curly is pointing at Vince. 

And I was very good at the Pro Shop I only bought a Super Bowl XLV pennant and a pack of the Topps Tribute Super Bowl cards.

Until next time.
cb out.


  1. Awesome!
    I took the tour a few years ago, and my photos looked almost exactly the same. Still, it never gets old. Can't wait for the updates that need to get made to account for the recent glory. A fourth trophy in that room is a reason to get back there soon.

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  3. Awesome post! I'm so envious... hopefully I'll get to experience this before it's my time. Until then... I guess I can flash back to this post and live vicariously through it.

  4. I didn't get to take the tour because I have only been there on game day, but it looks awesome. Maybe I have a summer trip ahead of me.