Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is Crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy cool!!

Well I've been popping over to the Robert Edward Auctions sites to see what crazy prices things are going for and it appears pretty obvious the two stars of the auction.

While there is all sorts of interesting stuff from all over the sports memorabilia spectrum the T210 "Shoeless" Joe Jackson red border Old Mill card is probably my favorite too.

Not a flashy at the T206's with there color paintings it's still pretty cool.  Little history on the T210's I found.  Issued in 8 Series in 1910 the Series designate the geographic area they were distributed in.  Series 8 here was the Southern Association.   There were a total of 640 known subjects in the set and Jackson along with Casey Stengel are the two most famous in the set.

You can see the auction here.  As I write this the winning bid is sitting at $110,000 dollars!!  I'm curious to see if it can go any higher with 17 days still left to bid.

The other noise maker in this years auction is the T206 holy grail of Honus Wagner.

This baby's been restored and there's all sorts of documentation that come with the card.  Auction here.
Right now this card is has the highest selling price that I could find on the site at $140,000 buckaroos.

If you haven't checked out the site and the auction you might want too.  While I doubt anyone who reads my blog could afford much here it's always nice to be able to window shop.

CB out

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