Friday, April 29, 2011

What the Royal Wedding is Over?

You know what the best thing about not having cable is?  Not having to listen to the endless BS leading up to the Royal Wedding.  I get it. We are enamoured with the Royals and England in general.  If you've never been to England it's really neat, really expensive, everybody talks funny, and there are lots of castles.  I've been twice, having lived in Germany for 3 years when my father was stationed over in Berlin.
That being said I found myself looking through the pictures online, glad I didn't have to watch all the CNN and FoxNews coverage first hand, and glad that when I woke up this morning that now we can talk about other stuff on TV, which I don't watch much of because I don't have cable. Did I mention that?  Don't get me wrong I'm not riding a high horse.  I would love to have cable, but at about 100 bucks for it here I'll pass.  I thought about one of the satellite providers but after a year they jack the price up and it might as well be cable.  I almost got it last year too when the Packers made the Superbowl.  But to be honest not having cable gives me time to do other things, because,  I know if I had it I would watch it.  A lot.  It's too bad you can't pick just the channels you want.  I say out of a 100 channels offered I probably only would watch maybe 10 of those, and the C-Spans don't count as real channels.

Whoa, sorry, I'll step down from the soap box.  My point being that when I woke up the Royal Wedding was already over seeing as England is a thousand hours ahead of me here in Alaska and the internet is plastered with Royal Wedding stuff.  I remembered that Topps had decided to make a Royal Wedding card with a fake jewel, or is it real, who knows? These cards are like the Gypsy Queen jewel cards that are seeded one per case, or so we are told, right Topps, 2 autos right?  Having taken part in A Cardboard Problems group break we didn't pull a Royals jewel card, that would have been sweet, we did get a jewel card though, and to be honest I didn't do too back.  I got 2 Fielder relics, 3 framed paper parallels and some new Yount and Fingers cards too, plus I'm sure a ton of regular mini's and a few team sets. 

But I was curious to see one of these cards.  I couldn't find one on eBay although I'm sure there's one or two on there now, but I did find one on the BlowoutCard forums.  So to add my contribution to all the Royal Wedding BS here is the Topps Gypsy Queen Royals Wedding Jewel Card.

I can actually see Topps putting out more of this stuff with wedding photos and the whole shebang.  I would really like to see one of these up close.  I'm curious what the jewel is made out of.  The back says it's a manufactured crown jewel card, what the hell does that mean?  Sorry about the rambling have a great weekend. 

cb out

After buying a few packs I learned that odds of pulling this card are 1:6,125.  And there is one on ebay at t moment. That at the moment stand at over 300 bucks.  Auction here.

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