Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of the Oldest Baseball Cards ever!!!

I'm still waiting for my new Robert Edward Auctions Catalog to arrive.  Not that I can afford to buy anything there, but it's a beautiful catalog with some great examples of trading card and sports history.  And even though I don't have my paper copy the auction is live right now online.  I was skimming through the online auctions there and came across what many believe to be the first baseball card. Auction here.

Now any fan of the game can tell you that the Reds were the first and are the oldest professional baseball team.  But seeing this card in the auction sparked some memories from a few years back about a news story about a woman who owns a thrift store who was sorting through some stuff and came across one of these cards.  Do you remember that?  No.  Go read about it here.

Her name was Bernice Gallego.  And she got her 15 minutes of fame from this too.  Appearing on Leno, morning talk shows, and being featured on the nightly news and newspaper articles.  This was about 2 years ago by the way.  But I wondered is this the same card?  The short answer is no it is not.  This card actually looks like it's in better shape than her card.  I found a good photo of her PSA sticker and they're not the same, so mystery solved there. Bernice's card was sold at auction through Memory Lane 2 years ago and sold for a little over 64 grand and with ML's 17.5 buyer premium pushed the final sell price over 75 grand.  The buyer was Jeff Rosenburg President and CEO of Tristar. 

REA's opening bid was 10 grand with the a estimate of 25 grand plus for the card.  Right now the card sits at 15 grand and if Bernice's card sold for 64 thousand I can imagine that this example in slightly better condition might fetch a bit more, unless economic conditions come into play here and then who knows.

Check out the auctions and drool my friends some great stuff there I'll never be able to afford, but a cool collection to gaze upon.

Auctions close May 7th and I'll probably post about more cool stuff I find.

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