Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 eTopps are out.

Sorry I'm a little late with this post as these have been out for almost 3 hours now and probably have sold out.  But eTopps finally has begun offering it 2011 MLB IPOs. 

Like the last couple of years, the offering will be heavy rookies with a  few vets mixed in and the Rookies will be what Topps calls RRO or Restricted Rookie Offering.  Meaning that the offer will close before the normal week that regular cards are offered at.

This year card number 1 is a favorite of mine and I have already ordered one.

The Hebrew Hammer!

Topps hasn't released what the backs will look like but this is what all the front designs will be.  Not terrible, pretty much typical eTopps if you look back at past designs.

Here are the other two RRO's being offered this week

If you've never seen an eTopps in hand they are very shiny and these look to be super shiny as well.  Think Finest Refractors here.
Well have a good Monday.
cb out.

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