Friday, April 8, 2011

The last part of the Trilogy minus any Ewoks

Ah, a week back at work.  My field season is going to be starting soon, I can't wait to get outside.  I've been in the office way too long.  This is actually my first full winter with the same full time year round job. And I'd been going a little bonkers before my break.  Anyways I've already talked about my trips to Lambeau and Wrigley, but we actually had a pretty whirl wind tour and did a bunch of stuff. 
After a few days with my folks we headed down to Indiana, just outside of Bloomington to visit some of my fiances family, well actually most of the family, since her folks and sisters flew in to be there to to see her. 

While there we took my fiances niece to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

This photo's for Colbey.  That's bumblebee in the entrance.
 A life sized movie prop.  It was pretty cool.  The niece had a good time even though she was a  little young to fully enjoy the whole place.  Being there actually reminded me that I had been there 30 plus years before when my dad was stationed at Fort Harrison.  They've added on quite a bit since my last visit but it was fun even for an old man like me.

Next we took a tour of a place I've always wanted to see since I saw the movie.

It's surprising how hard the Kinsey Institute is to find on IU campus.  But the IU campus is pretty gorgeous with all it's limestone buildings.  Actually we got a full guided tour of the place the fiance has a relative that works there and from her enthusiasm it was plain to see that she doesn't get to show off where she works very often.  FYI not for the faint of heart or prude.  But I learned a lot and was surprised at the extent of the Institutes work and collections.

And I wanted to share the photo of the day we came to Chicago.
This is why I was glad we missed opening day.  Although the Cubs still played and finished their Opening Day and lost.  We took in the Shedd Aquarium instead and I guess everybody else in Chicago had the same idea because that place was packed!!  Very cool though.  I think next time we are just going to the Field Museum.  We were planning on going to the sky deck on the Sears Tower but you can see why we decided not to.
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  1. Apologies for again leaving a random comment on your blog - but not only were you in my backyard in Chicago you also visited my alma mater!

    You're right - gorgeous campus. It's been a long time - I need to get the family there for a visit this year.

  2. While I hate what they did with the Transformers franchise with the live action movies that is still very cool!