Friday, April 22, 2011

Man it's getting boring going to go to the card shop and some Trade night pick ups.

Well I went to Don's Sportscard Trade night the other night.  Both card shops in town do this.  Bosco's on the first Wednesday and Don's usually a Wednesday in the middle of the month.  Both nights I walked out barely buying anything.  At Bosco's I literally left with out purchasing a single trading card but I did pick up a few comics.  There just hasn't been anything I want to buy and with Heritage prices going threw the roof again this year and Tribute topping 70 bucks a pack, no thank you, there's not really much to buy for a baseball/football collector.  Sorry UD Football with pros in college uni's doesn't count, at least not in my book.  So there I was looking through Don's dropboard seeing if there was anything that peaked my interest and looking through his 1972 Topps Baseball for some Brewers to help me finish my set.   I did manage to find a few things to take home with me.  This is exactly what happened last year and why I ended up spending so much money on Heritage.  Boredom with the hobby.  Topps exclusive severely limits what I can buy which is too bad.  Yes there is new Basketball and Hockey, but those are both sports I really don't collect. Enough with the soap box here's what I picked up.

First I found a nice 1971 Topps Football game Bradshaw for about 2 bucks.  I really like these cards and the only other one I have is the Bart Starr.  I really want to get my hands on a Willie Wood as well.

Got me a Favre for  the old Favre collection.  Even if it is in those awful colors.  Another buck off the dropboard.

A Prince Fielder/Pablo Sandoval 2010 Bowman Sterling Dual Relic unnumbered.  For 3 bucks I couldn't pass it up.

I also grabbed three MSA blank back discs of Johnny Bench, Mike Schmidt and Tony Perez, each a buck.

I also grabbed 4 1972 Brewers cards for my team set and I decided to splurge on a pack of UFC Knockout.
I have to say if I followed UFC more, I have friends who are nuts for it, I would definitely go after these cards and the other UFC sets.  I pulled 2 numbered cards, one of Dan Hardy, who I actually know who he is, and this guy.

I ain't complaining, but for 25 bucks a pack I won't be going after this set.  Maybe I'll see if I can pick one up on ebay for cheap.

cb out.


  1. I'm in the same boat. There just isn't that much out there worth spending money on. I did find one card on eBay I would really like but it's too pricey and I'll probably never get it. I think I'm going post about it on my blog tonight.

  2. I wouldn't buy a Favre in that uniform just out of principle. :)

    So I'm curious - what exactly is your Brewers collection? Is it just any and all Brewers team sets you can put together? I ask because I am considering starting a new long-term project - trying to get one card of every player to ever wear a Brewer uniform!

  3. yeah he looks terrible in purple, but I decided to still collect the guy penis photo pfetish and all. As for my Brewer collection I desided to try and get all the team sets I could. Starting with Topps flagship run from 1971 to present. I've almost got the 70's done, damn high numbers are expensive. It's the late 90's and early 2000's that I seem to be short on cards. But I bought a huge brewer collection about a year ago, of course it was all mismashed together and I'm still sorting it out and condition varies. If you need help finding some cards I'm sure I've got some extras you can have too.