Friday, August 12, 2011

Now okay really my last box of Allen and Ginter

Well as promised another Allen and Ginter post. Yes I broke a promise to myself that I was not going to buy another box of A & G since my first box was so kick ass, but I couldn't resist a box for under 80 bucks. Pretty much cheaper than anything online so... I picked this box up right before I left for my last work trip.  Well I got back last night and finished opening it and finally went through and sorted the cards and took the ones I needed for my set.  I won't bore you with all the inserts and parallels I got, you've all seen that, I'll just get to the meat. 

Well maybe one insert since it's the one and only one of it's kind I've gotten.

Oh snap no you didn't.

Yep I finally pulled a Flora of the World mini, and yes I plan on planting it, sometime.  It will also be blogged about when it happens.

First the relics.

Geovany Soto jersey or pants or underwear, but not travel wear, I think.

Fransico Cervelli Bat card.

I've seen lots of box breaks and even case breaks where there's not a single auto in the box or case.  That just makes you go UNGGG.  And was the reason I really didn't want to spend the money on another box, I figured that my last box with 2 relics, a silk and a red auto was too good to be surpassed and I'll be honest if I put these two boxes side by side that first box would still win.

But I bucked the trend and pulled a nice Randy Wells auto, looks like my box was a little Cubs oriented.  But wait what's that in the pack as well but this bad boy.


Two boxes, two double hit packs.  While this isn't a red auto it's still an motherfreaking McEnroe auto!! Well a Redemption.  So perhaps by New Year's I might have this in hand.  Yep I already redeemed it.  I thought about selling it or seeing if I good get a nice trade for it, but I'm leaving town again for 10 days and lets face it A & G is starting to cool off, so what the heck another great auto from a tennis legend.

The two relics and the auto are up for trade, but like I said I'm leaving town Monday morning and I don't plan on trying to get any trades off before I leave.  I'll be back in civilization around the 25th of August so let me know.  You know what I like.

cb out