Sunday, August 28, 2011

2 Packs of Topps Lineage and I'm done with it.

Probably not the greatest post to come back with but what can you do?

I'm back from my last trip out in the field.  Five days above the arctic circle and another 3 running around in Fairbanks.  I'll just say I'm glad to be home, although the weather was amazing for late August and the mosquitoes weren't too bad. 

But I realized I had two Prime 9 cards I had to redeem so Friday after work I took a trip down to Don's Sportscards, since I haven't been in his shop in a while.  I only brought my week 6 Prime 9 card with me seeing as this is the week to redeem it, but Don had all of them set out and was redeeming them all, so I'll have to be back to get my Koufax card.  But I did pick up my Hank Aaron card, and I have to say these cards are sharp and shiny. 

I also picked up a few 2011 Topps Football singles for my set I was missing and all the Bowman mini's he had laying around.  And two packs of Panini Threads, cuz I'm a glutton for punishment and two packs of Lineage since I haven't ripped any yet. 

Threads was pretty disappointing.  The base design isn't bad, but I'll actually post about that later. 

But my 2 packs of Lineage were pretty sweet.

First if you haven't seen what the base cards look like here they are.
I've heard lots of people bashing this design, even Don didn't like it, but I don't  think it's all that terrible.  It looks like a eTopps design though.  The backs are very boring.

Each pack you get a mini 75 insert.  Which I like.  I like it even more that both my mini's are keepers.  One for a PC and one for a team collection.

But I couldn't believe what I actually hit in my two pack purchase.  I guess the ultimate hit would be a Robin Yount Jumbo patch card from this set, but this card is a close second.

Yowza!  I love it when I hit great cards of players I collect. 

Well it's good to be back and I do plan on updating all my other sports blogs and this one a little more regularly now that I'm not leaving town again anytime soon. 
CB out.


  1. Nice pull! Love the colorful swatches. Also, hit me up when you're ready to deal!

  2. That's a really nice Reggie. Love the A's yellow.