Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 Packs of 2011 Panini Threads

Well after I opened my first two packs of Threads I was conflicted.  Mainly because the card layout isn't half bad.  And I only got one stupid insert and one Packers card. So I was at Bosco's the other day picking up my hold comics and browsing the new stuff and stopped in the card section and picked up two more packs.  Boy I'm glad I did.

First lets talk about the design this year.

Not too terrible we have some background this is awesome.  Most mid to high end Panini card have the player cut out on the card.  I think we could have done without the strips on the side, but again not too terrible.

Here's what the backs look like.

This looks like a typical Panini back.  Hell this could be the back of a Score card.

Here are the rest of the Packers I picked up from my 4 packs.

Now I only need 2 more vets and all the rookies.  Speaking of rookie cards let's look a the rookie design.
Now some of the inserts.  I only got 2 and they're unnumbered and fairly unremarkable.

Both of these have jersey parallels with verying numbering and patch colors and complexity.  I wouldn't mind a Packer triple jersey Triple Threats.

But the reason I was glad I picked up the two extra packs was this card.

Not only did I snag a rookie letterman patch auto, it's Packer!!!!  Wow, I'm tempted to try something a little pricier the way my lucks been running the past few weeks. 

Next return of the old school break.

cb out.

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  1. Those Packer cards look really nice. I might have to pick up some of these. The backs aren't too bad. I like the font on "linebacker". Kind of an old school look. Nice pull on the Packer hit too!