Friday, September 30, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #14 and another contest rememinder

Just a reminder to get your entries in to Almost the easiest World Series contest on the Web and check out A Cardboard Problems much harder contest.
Now back to you're regularly scheduled post.

I know, I know I posted this card of pure awesomeness not too long ago.  And I have to say every box of Ginter I bought this year I hit something worth the price of the box.  I swore I would only buy one box and ended up buying three.  My last box, which I never blogged about I ended up pulling a Hunter Pence Rip card and it payed for the box.  I have to say I was late to the A & G party but I really do like the set.  Some great inserts this year and some great autos. 

I almost plozted when I pulled this one out of the pack.  This box also had a Jose Reyes silk card #d to 10 as well.  Lets just say it was a good box.  I was talking to some collectors at a trade night not too long ago about what we got out of Ginter and I mentioned I pulled a Stan Lee Red auto.  Half of them were like "Who's Stan Lee?"  Really?  I realize there is some cross collecting between card collectors and comic book collectors, but even if you don't collect comics I would think you would know who freaking Stan Lee is.  And these weren't young kids either these were guys older than me. 

Any who if I had a Top Ten pulls list of all time this one would be near the top most definitely. 
#14 on the Top 100, which remember is in no particular order....

2011 Allen and Ginter Framed Stan Lee Red Autograph numbered 04/10.

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