Friday, September 2, 2011

1992 Fleer Ultra Old Schule Break

Busting out the German for this one.  I was in Bosco's the other day picking up issue #1 of the new Justice League.  Been a fan of the zine a long time so I thought I'd check out the new version being put out by DC. I guess that DC is doing a huge across the board revamp of all it's core titles this month.  I've been out of the loop for awhile, my reading in the graphic storytelling genre steers more toward more adult, ie non-superhero, books.  But I'd figure I'd give it a go. I guess if you buy the first 3 issues of any of the new titles you get issue 4 free. But that's not what this post is about

 I ended up stopping in to the baseball card section as I always do when I go in and looking over the stacks of old wax piled up there.  Pat the sports card manager bought a huge collection recently and I've posted some other old school breaks from this stuff.  Well he had a box of Series 1 and Series 2 Fleer Ultra sitting there for $7.99 a box.  I couldn't resist.  I remember when this stuff came out it was the shit.  And the boxes still had their original price tags on them.  Series 1 was marked for $100 and Series 2 $50.  Needless to say waiting almost 20 years to buy this two boxes netted me a huge discount. 

I have to say these cards hold up really well.  They still look great even by today's foil and chromed out cards.  And the 92's looked way better than the 91 flagship offering. 
Of course the 93's look very similar to this years.  Take a look.

Here are some more of the HOFer's and Stars from the set.

Great photography, a touch of foil, shiny finish.   In 92 Tony Gwynn was the Fleer spokesman and the feature of a commemorative set.  Series 1 also featured the possibility of pulling a Tony Gwynn autographed card.  But at the stated odds of 1:17,000, I wasn't expecting to pull one.  In Series 1 there were also an Award Winners insert set.  Series 2 featured more rookies, less stars and two more insert sets, All-Stars and All-Rookie Team.  Lets have a look at what I pulled.

My one Tony Gwynn Commemorative Series card.  You could also send in for a special set of Tony Gwynn cards with wrappers.  In 93 I remember it was Dennis Eckersley that was featured.    I guess these are about 1:36 since I only pulled one.

Glavine Award Winners.
I guess these are about 1:12 packs.  The odds aren't on the wrappers of series 1, except for the Gwynn auto.

The only name I recognize from the all rookie team was the Karros.

A few names you might recognize here.  I have to say I'm going to see how this collates. There are 300 cards in Series 1 and 2 and you get 504 cards per box so in theory there should be a full set in there.

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  1. Good stuff. I've been close to picking up some from baseball card exchange a few times.

  2. 1993 Ultra is one of my favorite set designs ever. Just enough flash, but not too much