Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you the ultimate supercollector?

So last week I get this email from some guy named Chris Butler.  And he wants me to do something.  Now since I started this blog and my other blogs I've got quite a few emails like this asking me to add a link to there site or product, ect.  I usually delete and forget.  I'm not writing to make money, I write to share.

But it was an interesting email.  One I guess is legit.  Okay I didn't call the guy or email him back but I figured I'd see if his description fits you.   Edit: Ok, I emailed him back.

Here's the email:


My name is Chris Butler and I am a Casting Associate in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a new docu-series for a major cable network (which I can disclose over the phone) that is produced by acclaimed and Emmy-nominated production company: Asylum Entertainment

During my research I came across your blog and really enjoyed it. Thus, I am contacting you in hopes of spreading the word to any potentially interested individuals for a project I'm casting. I'm currently seeking "Extreme" Collectors that “Shop Over the Top” for their collections. I’m looking for individuals who shop all the time and to excess; an "Ultimate Shopper." This person could shop for items to complete a collection or developed collections from simply seek retail therapy. The show will explore the issues of men and women who shop beyond what most people consider normal, highlighting those with large and unique collections.

I've attached a flyer about the show with instructions on how any interested individuals can submit. I'm hoping that you would help to spread the word, (ie. post, email, forward) and that you might be able to refer any potential candidates. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated, as these types of shows are most successful by word of mouth!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this message. I look forward to hearing back from you or anyone you share this information with. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Chris Butler
Asylum Entertainment
Casting Associate
O: 310-696-4494

Here is the flyer he mentioned.

Here is the link to Asylum's website.  Like I said I haven't talked to Chris, but it seems  legit, I have no idea why someone would email me this if it weren't. Sorry to harp on this point, but in this day and age of Nigerian princes who want to give me money and Pfishing I must make the comment. 

 The reason I even desided to post this, other than not having anything to post about was that it got me thinking about my collecting habits. 
I'm not an Extreme Collector.  I might have an excessive card collection, but I shop and acquire my cards from pretty mainstream sources.  I buy from my LCS's, online at sites like eBay, JustCommons, and Checkoutmycards, to name a few, and trade with fellow bloggers and collectors.  There's really nothing too extreme here. 
As a matter of fact the only extreme collector I've seen in the blogs might be Jeff over at I am Joe Collector.  That man is crazy for UD Masterpieces.
So I pass this along for whatever it's worth, and to help Chris out here to find his supercollectors.  You can find his number in the email and his email in the flyer. 
CB out.

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  1. Thanks for the post! Yes, I am legit and can be contacted via the info in the above post, casting.butler@gmail.com. Any help is appreciated and I wish you all the best with your collections!