Monday, September 26, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #9

To quote the Rolling Stones, "Sometimes you get what you need."
Here we have an example of what pack busting can get you.  I remember pulling this bad boy out and thinking damn.  Sterling was by far my favorite Packer back in the day before Favre and even the days with Favre.  Sure handed and fast, I watched him bring in some incredible catches over his short career.  They say that the reason Favre got so good though was that Sharpe left.  Sharpe was always Favre's security blanket, the one he could dump it off too and the one he always seem to look at first.  It made for a great QB WR duo, but also made it very predictable.

#9  2005 Leaf Certified Materials FG-67 Sterling Sharpe Fabric of the Game Player Number dual relic autographed card #d 55/84.

cb out.

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