Friday, September 23, 2011

Another great trade with Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle

Taking a break from my top 100 to recognize another great trade with Greg who writes the blog Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle.  Greg was putting together a Manny Ramirez rookie set and need one more, one I had, one I didn't mind trading away.  I ended up picking up two of these from an old school break of 1992 Pinnacle Jumbos.   And since I hate single card trades we worked out something a little more substantial.  I set some random Dodger singles and a stack of 2011 A & G he needed.  And let me just say there are a lot of Dodger bloggers out there. It's hard to keep those things in stock.  Anyway, I got my package from Greg the other day.  He sent me one Ginter I needed a couple random cards for my team sets and the meat.

2000 UD Pros and Prospects Ben Sheets Team USA card numbered!!! to 1600. 

2011 Gypsy Queen Prince Fielder framed relic.  Ah I'm going to miss you Princy.

Probably the one card I was looking forward to getting was this Flight to 420 Brett Favre chrome refactor.  I'm slowly trying to put together a set of both the regular and chrome versions of this set, I will get a checklist up sometime soon, so if you have any of these lying around put them in a stack with my name on it.

I've only picked up a few of these refractors, the base like this one or the rarer white ones, they are way to expensive for me to try and chase but I'll take'em whenever and where ever I can get them.  But the best card was this one he added for some filler.

A 1990 Pro Set Alan Veingrad card.  Three things are pretty great about this photo.  One, it looks like Veingrad is getting face masked, two it looks like Alan is getting his ass kicked and three that's the magic man Don Majkowski in the background about to throw the ball.  I think the 49er is Daniel Stubbs.

Thanks Greg.

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