Friday, July 15, 2011

Old School Finale( At least for now): 1992 Pinnacle Jumbo Series 1

Another purchase from Trade night. This is going to be a let down after my last post and box break but I already had the images scanned so...

 I got this box for under 10 bucks, I know 92 Pinnacle Series 1, ung.  But each pack had 3 inserts, plus there were also the Shades and Icon sub-sets in this release that were actually kinda cool, there was also the Sidelines sub-set that was not.
This box was of course the Jumbo box, but back in 92 they called them Super Packs!  Hard to believe that the retail price for this box back in 92 was over $70!  Do the math, 24 x 2.99 = 71.76.  Wow.  Needless to say I got a lot of 92 Pinnacle for my dough.

Here we have the base design.  Not terrible.  This was Scores "Premium" brand at the time. 

The back. Good old Paulie Mo. Again not terrible, especially when you see some of the other offerings from 92.  Of course if this design had been put out today I'm sure it would be unabashedly adorned with foil, lenticular optics and super rare colored and numbered variations. 

There is at least one decent rookie in series one. 

I did manage to pull two of these so that was nice.  I do believe this is the highest book value card in the entire set.

There were a couple insert sets available depending on what type of pack you bought.  With jumbos you get 3 Team 2000 inserts per pack.  The whole 80 card sets will set you back about 3 dollars today.  There were also 3 sub sets in the set itself.
My least favorite like I said above was the Sideline insert.
Here we have Robin Yount riding a dirt bike and it's probably the best of the lot.  Other subjects include John Burkett bowling and Bob Tewksbury drawing among others.  Kinda lame.

The shades sub set is alright, but kinda pointless.

Here's Daryl Strawberry .  Neat image in the reflection of the shades.

My favorite sub set is the Idols.

Here we have Ken Griffy Jr. and Ricky Henderson.  These I get and I really like the design.

Here's Jim Abbott and Nolan Ryan.
There are a few other interesting match ups. George Brett and Wade Boggs, Ozzie Smith and Chuck Knoblauch.

So you get 3 of these Team 2000's per jumbo pack but that's still not enough to possible get a full set, plus I had multiple doubles.  I really like the design and here we see the tasteful use of some foil on the cards.
The Backs.
Here are a few more.

Over all not too bad.  Nothing earth shattering. Fun to rip though.


  1. I really love this set. No ugh here! Plenty of base without mindless parallels and crud! Yay!