Friday, July 8, 2011

5 Packs of 1993 Flair

Oh yeah going really old school.  I couldn't resist these at trade night the other night.  I remember when this came out in 1993.  This was the Cadillac of Sports Cards this year.  And in 1993 these were 3 to 4 bucks a pack. That was super pricey back then.  I didn't rip to much of it for that reason and being a poor college student didn't help either.  But at trade night these were sitting there in their box, the last 5 packs, for fifty cents a piece, how could I pass them up.

I have to say this is probably one of the nicest card sets put out in the bad wax era. And I think they still hold up today.
Lets take a look at Big Dave Stewart here.  I love looking at old wax.  Seems strange to see Dave in an Blue Jays Uni, I think I'll always remember him as an A.
Here's a look at the backs.

Pudge!!! So young and skinny.

The infamous Gary Sheffield. Another thing I love about old wax is seeing players that use to be or will eventually wear your teams colors.  Of course Gary here spent his early years with the Brewers, until he whined enough to get traded to the Padres.


Barry Larkin. 

You get 10 cards per pack and they of course came in that nice slip case and were packaged in a cello pack inside.  Ah the premium of the day.  This is the grandfather of Ultimate and Triple Threads right here.  I won't make you sit through all 50 cards just the highlights here.  Although I'm disappointed out of the 50 cards not a single Brewer. 

There is also an insert set to be chased in this product.  Only one though.  Wave of the Future.  And the odds are about 1 in 4 packs.  Well I hit those odds out of my 5 packs and did get one.

Speaking of a guy who would eventually were the blue and gold, but only for a couple of years and not for another 8.
Next the highlights, yes there were a few, from my Series 1 and 2 boxes of 1992 Donruss.

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  1. I was blown away when I saw these cards for the first time in 1993. Having just starting collecting cards in 1990 these were head and shoulders above anything else released at that time. I've thought about grabbing a box of this for a future affordable group break...