Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old School - 1992 Donruss Series 1 and 2 boxes.

When I was at trade night last week and saw these boxes the first thought that came to mind was cheap group break, especially since Colbey over at Cardboard Collections is on Maternity Leave this month from his usual group break and August's group break is going up scale, but then I thought, man that's a lot of work and I'm getting hitch at the end of the month, so I decided to just buy a couple boxes and enjoy the cheap thrill of the the rip.  And when I mean cheap I mean cheap. $5.99 a box is pretty cheap.  That's pretty much the price of anything decent on the shelves at the moment.  And I was going to stick with a one box of Series 1 and 2 and leave it at that but I had so much fun and actually hit something that I had to go back and buy 2 more boxes before I did this post.  So this is the goodies from the 4 boxes. 

What first attracted me to the boxes was what could actually be inside.
Specifically the 5000 in the lower left hand corner.  There is a slight, very slight, chance that this box could contain a Cal Ripken Jr auto card in it.  Hell for 6 bucks I'll play the lottery.  Of course the same claim is made on the series 2 boxes too.

I'll be honest the base cards are pretty tame considering the last couple years of Donruss cards before this.  1991 looked like an 80's acid trip.

And the 1990 set looked like somebody threw up on the card.

  Although not too terrible, but definitely not my favorite.

I will spoil the suspense and say I didn't hit a Cal auto. But there is some goodness at the end.

1992 marked the year that Donruss put the Diamond Kings in there own Inserts set, instead of numbering them into the base set.  And I have to say that this year's Diamond Kings, well judge for yourself.  Here's a 1990 and 1991 DK and then all the DK's I got out of my 4 boxes.

1990 Bo Jackson DK
1991 Cecil Fielder DK

1992 Jeff Bagwell.
The back.
I think by getting rid of the base border and allowing these cards to stand alone was brilliant and these cards are truly the highlight of this set.  Glossy card stock and foil accents really make these cards pop. Falling about 4 per box there were a tough hit and to be honest you usually got 3 and card #27, the Perez checklist.
Here are the rest.
And of course the Checklist.  Out of 4 boxes I got three #27 cards.  It's an interesting collection of future HOFer's and who?
Series 1 also had the usual puzzle, while Series 2 did not.  This years puzzle was Twin's HOFer Rod Carew.

Yikes!! I knew I should have just popped the pieces and put the puzzle together. I mean this whole puzzle books high at 50 whole freaking cents. Makes Rod look like an alien. Don't stare at it too long you might get hypnotized or sick.

But after opening the my first series 1 box and getting pretty much 3 DK's I moved onto my first box of Series 2 and about half way in hit this.

If I'd have opened this pack in 1992 and gotten this card I would have dropped a load.  These were the bee's knees in 1992.  A numbered limited holofoil card!!!  These are still pretty desirable.  This is what made me want to go back and bust 2 more boxes.  Even though I'm sure these were only 1 per case or rarer than that.  I won't lie I would have rather hit a Cal Ripken, Ken Griffey, or a Frank Thomas, but still a pretty sweet hit from some old wax.

Oh and if anyone's looking for any 92 Donruss to fill a set let me know I've got a ton.

Next the highlights from some 92 Pinnacle and 95 Studio. 

CB out.


  1. You can't beat that value, $6 to rip a whole box of packs! That's cheaper than they cost in '92.
    I love the '92 DKs. At that point, they were the first ones I really liked. I opened I think 6 or 7 boxes of those back when they came out (whatever $100 bought me) and never got the Ripken auto either.

  2. If I pulled that Will Clark today, I'd still drop a load, are you kidding me? That's awesome! I love those cards.
    I absolutely love the way that puzzle looks scanned out like that. Someone should do a post of all the puzzles in the same manner. I bet Carew wins for funniest looking.