Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Allen and Ginter box break and review.

Well I controlled myself pretty well, not getting sucked into trying to chase a Score football set out of boredom.  And to be honest I didn't know if I wanted to try and get sucked into A & G again this year like I did last year, but I couldn't help it.  I had to pick up some 9 pocket pages the other day and it just so happens the store got their case of Allen and Ginter in.  So I decided why the heck not, at least one box.
So here we go.
The cards.  Seems a lot of people, or bloggers, don't really like the design.  I actually think it's alright. But it seems familiar, hmmmm oh yeah
I guess I can see where the hate for the design comes from.  I've heard lots of people, bloggers, express that this is probably one of the worst designs put out by Upper Deck ever. 

Here's the backs.

Here's my box topper.
The Hometown Heroes insert, got a bunch of these.

Highlight sketches. 

Black border mini parallels.
The Ascent of Man inserts.  I really like these. The illustration is just incredible.  And then on closer inspection I noticed something.
I'm not sure how all the other cards fit together.  If they all form one big picture or if there are multiple different scenes, but still beautiful.

Animals in Peril Mini's
Portraits of Penultimacy. Hey that looks like Mike Gellner from JD's Wildcardz. I think it is.  For those who don't know Penultimate means next to last, or second banana.  That seems kinda mean of Topps.

World's most Mysterious Figures.  D.B. Cooper you have a message.

Now onto my favorite mini set and insert.
I'm a big history buff and I love these type of cards I will definitely be trying to complete this set.

And Uninvited Guests.  I'm also a big fan of all those paranormal shows.  Sure they never seem to find anything, but...

No flower cards unfortunately, I guess there about 1 per case.  I was planning on actually planting my card to see if it would actually grow.  Oh well.
Now onto the hits.
My First WTF card this year.  I didn't know the Ray's played in plaid.  Maybe a look at the back will clarify.

Travel day memorabilia?? Really?  You know what that really means?  Street clothes!  Topps is now putting players street clothes in their relics!  This is an epic fail.  Luckily I found some better goodies.
Brennan Boesch 2 color relic. OK a little better.

Jose Reyes Silk card numbered to 10!!!! The Reyes and Boesch were actually in the same pack.  Interesting, I've heard of other people getting multi-hit packs as well.
But it gets better.  When I looked at the autograph checklist when it came out months ago there was only a couple auto's I really wanted. I would have loved to get a Pacquio or LaMotta auto, but this this is the one I really wanted.
Holy Crap True Believers!!!!!! 
Man I really really want to keep this card but it's hard when looked on Ebay and his blue autos are going for around 70 bucks, his card could more than pay for the box and maybe get me another one.  But I think I'm going to hold on to it.  And I'm probably done busting boxes of A&G. After this box I really couldn't see beating it unless I got a bat knob book or something like that. 

Over all I'm going to have to give this product a Lucy.  I've been reading a lot of box breaks on Blowout card forums and there have been some really dude boxes out there.  Ones with no autos.  So my impression is definitely skewed here with this awesome box.  But I'm still giving it a Lucy.
and I think some bulging eye's just for the Stan Lee.

cb out.

Edit:  I've been mulling it over and I have to give the Stan Lee card the highest review rating ever here on Collector's Crack.  While the earlier ratings still stand Mr. Lee gets atomic, oh yes, I think it's deserved.


  1. I got a flower card and an auto in a retail value pack at Target. In the process of my box now. No hits, but I really don't care about those, as ya know.

  2. Dude, I'd trade you the entire contents of my first box for that Stan Lee card! That is awesome. BTW, I ended up w/ a duplicate Uninvited Guest (White House)...but I guess you aren't giving up either of those 2.

  3. Very nice. A lot of similarities to my box -- until you got to the hits. No similarities there at all.

  4. HOLY.


    Congrats dude, that is one awesome box!

  5. FYI on the upton "brayzer" card. The rays have five or six themed travel outfits a year. Here's a link with a photo. Scroll below the Brooklyn decker photo. Or not.

  6. Thanks Justin for the info. It was hard to get past Brooklyn but I somehow managed. I actually kinda like the relic, it's different, just after reading the back it kinda erked me. Still not a game used relic, but what ever. A2 Wolverine the Boesch is up for trade email me with and offer it's in my profile, Thanks to both of the Gregs.

    Colbey I'd love the extra Univited guest, all your acsent of Man cards and any extra Kimballs you might have. Sorry but I think I'm going to keep Stan. It was a hit beyond anything I thought I might hit and he's already in his screwdown display case.

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

  7. I think it works in a set like a&g that has its share of oddities. If I pulled something like that in a high end set I wouldn't be happy. I forgot to mention In my first comment- excellent break (especially the Stan Lee)

  8. The stan lee card is awesome! It makes me want to pick up a box or two now. I'd love to pull something like that.

  9. Dude, awesome box! Gotta ask though, whatcha planning on doing with that Reyes?