Thursday, July 14, 2011

If you read any 2011 Allen and Ginter post make it....

my next post.
I broke down and bought a box of A&G and yes I'm going to blog about it because actually it was a pretty good box, but I haven't scanned the images yet and I'm at work so I'll probably have it up later tonight or tomorrow  morning.  In the mean time check out my need lists here or over on the side bar.  I recently update and added my 1981 Topps needs to the list.  I'm close to finishing off my 2009 Upper Deck Baseball and a few others and any help is greatly appreciated.  And I most definitely will be collecting a few of the inserts from this years A&G. 

I've been checking out the box and case breaks over at the blowout cards forums and they range from awesome to WHAT A CASE WITH NO AUTOS!!!!  I'm happy to say that the box I got had an auto. So stay tuned.

cb out

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