Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old School Continued: 1995 Studio

This is a product that screams cheap group break.  I vividly remember this offering in 1995 as well. Pretty much because this was Donruss thinking way outside the box.  Way before retro sets and off the wall designs were cool, along comes... Credit card baseball cards.  I guess it's not that original as Permagraphics put out a series of cards printed on plastic back in the early 80's, but these were kinda cool.  And you also got one insert card per pack.  Another innovation you only got 5 cards per pack as well.  Ah the future of things to come.  I remember these were pretty pricey back in the day so snagging a whole sealed box for 10 bucks seemed like a steal.  And this offering gives up lots of old stars and a few new ones (at the time) as well.

The hologram in the lower right corner doesn't scan well but it's a nice addition to the overall Credit Card look of the card.   The letters are raised just like a credit card too.

Even the backs get into it with the fake magnetic strip and signature strip.

Some great stars and HOFers and of course...

A fresh faced A-Rod.

Well the inserts are just parallels of the base cards.  The gold parallels the first 50 cards of the set and the Platinum parallels the first 25.  So needless to say for a Brewers fan, I get no love here as there are no Brewers in the first 50 card so no parallels for me.

The Platinum fall about 1 in 10 packs so for a box of 36 packs you can expect 3 maybe 4.  I got 3. and 33 golds.  I won't bore you with pictures of all of them just  a few.
Another nice addition to my Big Hurt collection.  I only wished I'd of snagged a Platinum too.

Oh and these parallel cards are cut like a credit cards and printed on plastic to feel like a credit cards too.

Not a bad haul and fairly decent collation.  I don't think I had many doubles of the base cards, but I had quite a few doubles in the gold.

Up next 92 Pinnacle Series 1, yep it's kinda a let down.

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