Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #12

This is the first and only 1/1 hit I ever got.  I haven't ripped a printing plate or a super red xfratolisious card ever, I do however own a few now.  And this was originally a redemption.  I put in my code and waited over half a year and got this bad boy.  The redemption didn't specify who I was going to get, just a 1/1 original sketch card.

The artist is Justin Chung.  He's done stuff for Topps and all sorts of non-sports card sets.  Check out his website here.

I posted about this card early last year when I got it.  You can read that oldie here. I especially love the one comment I got on that post.  Not really a Mets or Delgado fan, but a kick ass sketch card is hard to let go of.    I wonder how long it took Justin to illustrate this one?  Or how many he had to whip out for this set?
I can't remember what series this is from either, but I'm betting Series 1.

Anyway, #12 on the Top 100

2009 Topps Baseball Carlos Delgado 1/1 Sketch Card by Justin Chung.

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