Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #21

Why hello again Mr.Yount.  I have to say even though this card is a sticker auto it's still pretty bad ass.  I was hmming and hawing back 2008 about going after any of these card.  Mainly because I'm cheap and these cards are not.  I ended up picking up 3 of these mutli relic auto cards none of which I got cheap.  I did however pick up a lot that included the box, which is really cool, the three sequentially numbered "base" cards and the band that went around the box with Yount's name on it.  All for about what I paid for the other two cards.  In 2008, Sterling was HOF player base and each box which was about 250 bucks a piece contained one pack which had something like this and three base cards and one bonus card that could have been anything, a superlow numbered auto, a superlow numbered base, printing plate, whatever.  There was no way in hell I was dropping 250 on a box of this.  But I did manage to pick up most of the Yount's base cards from the set and I'm starting to slowly pick up the lower numbered parallels for pretty cheap here and there.  I've been watching his Sterling quad relic autos as they come up on ebay and they all seem to be going for what I paid for my three so they're holding their value nicely.  These cards are absolutely beautiful and at least I know I got 4 separate relics in this card, I don't count the apostrophe in front of the 8 I'm pretty sure that's all one piece there.  I have a feeling the other 2 cards might make an appearance on this list as well.
So number 21 on the Top 100,

2008 Topps Sterling Robin Yount Quad relic Auto card 4SSA-139 (RY12) numbered 4/10.

cb out

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