Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Allen and Ginter Box Break

Yep another A & G box break.  Gotta get mine in before I leave for my next work trip.  I found time between working on the house, filling my freezer with salmon, and other miscellaneous stuff to wander over to Bosco's to pick up a box of A & G.  And I was also surprised when I started talking with the sports card manager, Pat, that he discovered my blog. Not that I keep it a secret that I write a baseball card blog, but I don't tend to spread it around.  Anyways Pat was really good to me last year picking out boxes of A & G.  I got rip cards, a red auto Stan Lee, and various other awesome stuff.  Let see if this box holds up, so Pat this one's for you.

I won't deny it I'm a lover of Allen and Ginter.  As a man who likes his mini's, oddballs, and quirky stuff A & G is awesome.  I have to say back when Upper Deck had a baseball license, Goodwin was a close second, but you just never know what's going to pop up in your box of A & G.

This year there are lots of different mini inserts and a couple cool full sized inserts as well.
My box label for those who would like one.

But lets start at the top and work our way back shall we.

This years base design has a nice art deco look.  I like the full border and stock.  As always these will  look great hard signed and I ordered a couple Brewers team sets to try and see if I could get a couple autographed TTM. Mr. Axford here is a great signer and I will be hitting him up again for sure.
Of course there are the mini's.
I was lucky enough to snag a Yu Darvish mini rookie, it's a regular back, but that's ok.
Of course there are a few parallel mini's like usual. I also got a few SP mini's I haven't gone through all of them so I don't have a hard count, but I know I got at least 2.
The A&G back. And there is a red A&G back,  hand numbered to 25. I didn't get any of those though. Of the base mini's I got 6 A&G backs.
I also got 3 black bordered Mini's.

My box topper was this Baseball Highlight's cards.  I'm not a fan of the Cards, but it could be worse.

On to the full sized inserts.
The main 100 card insert set is What's in a Name.

I have to be honest I started flipping through these and before you know it I'd read just about all of them that I pulled.  I like the idea and I like the set, but I'm not going to go after this monster.

I got 3 Baseball Highlight Sketches cards.  Clemente, Fisk and Ichiro.

I've always liked this set, but never really been compelled to try and collect it.
As a lover of history I will be collecting this set, like last years Floating Fortresses.

Another insert oddball I'll probably try for are these World Tallest Buildings.

I'm going to save my code cards for another post for those that are trying to solve it.
All the oddball inserts and code ares are 1:8 the What's in a Name cards fall 1:2.

Now onto the mini inserts.  I didn't get any SSP's and I also didn't get any People of the Bible or Musical Masters. Both of which have the same odds of insertion as the rest of the oddball mini's 1:5.

Here is another set I'll chase. Worlds' Greatest Military Leaders.  I got one of these.

I also got only one Man's Best Friend.  I'm torn right now if I'm going to go after this set or not.  Will see after my field season in a month or so how hard these are to find.

I will be trying for this mini set as well probably.  I only got the one, but it's the good one. Achya if it's not Scottish it's crap!

I did manage to snag two mini's of the other set I know for sure I'm going after.  Giant's of the Deep.

Now onto the hits.

Spoiler I didn't hit an auto.  Last year I heard that whole cases didn't have any autographs and I was pretty lucky with what I pulled. But the cards I got were pretty nice.

Elvis! I know a Rangers fan who might want to trade for that.

Johnny Mac!  This will go great with my McEnroe Auto I pulled last year, if I ever get it that is.  Still waiting on Topps to fulfill that redemption.
And a Arnold Palmer card.

Well three relics kinda suck.  I'm glad I got three pretty decent relics.  They won't pay for the box, but that's life.  Oh wait what's this....
It's the premier oddball of the set, besides the butterfly redemptions I mean.  This was in the last pack I opened and I wasn't expecting it at all, especially after I already pulled my three relics.  This won't pay for the box either, especially after I looked what these were pulling in on eBay, but that's ok I think I'll keep this oddball.

Well all in all not too bad, but definitely not the best I've ever opened.  Sorry Pat.  I do plan on buying at least one more box of this.  It's hard to resist. But it'll be a while, as I'm leaving for another work trip tomorrow.

That being said I've had a few people express interest in a trade or too from other posts.  I'm up for trading, but after my field season is done and I'm around for more than 3 days.  That'll happen sometime in September I hope.  So put a sticky note somewhere.

And thanks again to all of you that read my blog.

CB out.


  1. Lot of fun stuff there! I don't collect golf, but the Palmer sweater relic is great stuff. Love Johnny Mac, but the photo kind of sucks.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL I just noticed that too. I'm going to change it so I don't look like such a tool.

  3. I'd rather have Arnold than Jim! I hope Im the Rangers fan you were talking about!

  4. If you wanted to try, I'd like to trade for that Cardinals cabinet card. I just love that team and what they accomplished.

    1. I'll set it aside for you Kyle.

    2. I just pulled a Rickie Weeks 2006 Artifacts jersey card, would that interest you? (pic on my blog)

  5. thanks for the box label by the way! putting it to good use!