Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finally got my Gold Rush Redemption pack.

Hey everybody.  I just looked at my blog record for the past two months I think this will be my tenth post in two months. Yikes.  But I've been hella busy with work and filling the freezer for winter.  Spent a great two days down on the Kenai Pennisula slaying sockeye salmon.  And I leave again here in a day or so for another two week trip.  I won't be done till at least September, but hell that's life. 

Anyway, when I got back from my last trip I had a small bubble mailer from Duyrea, Pennsylvania sitting on the counter.  My Topps gold rush redemption pack was finally here!  So I thought I'd share what I got with you.

First up a classic Red, Johnny Bench.

Another classic HOFer Bob Gibson.

Madison Bumgarner.

Dee Gordon
When I opened the pack I noticed some gold foil stamped numbers on the back of the last card here...

It's not Sandy Koufax, but I'll take a free auto anyday.
And there you go.  I've got a few other posts I'm going to work up and post next week so there's not so much dead air this next couple of weeks.


  1. Excellent. Great Bench and congrats on getting an auto.

  2. would you be willing to trade for they Bob Gibson?

  3. I got four packs. I didn't get anything sweet. I swear, I've said it before, I'm the Charlie Brown of baseball cards. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

    Congrats on a great pull!