Monday, July 30, 2012

TTM Success Will "the Thrill" Clark!!!

I'm pretty excited about this one. I had been seeing that Will was signing through the mail if you sent stuff to the Giants address, but only one card.  So I'm not greedy.  I was trying to think of which card I'd like to send and I remembered I had a bunch of these 89 All -Star inserts.  And I'd seen a few other guys get these signed and  knew it would look great.  Not a bad turn around time either.  Just over a month.  Will was one of my favorite players to watch growing up and it's a great addition to the collection. I also love the addition of his number 22.  Well his main number with the Giants, Rangers, and Cardinals anyways.

TTM Stats

Date Sent: 6/18/12
Date Received: 7/29/12

Address used:
Will Clark
c/o San Fransisco Giants
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Fransisco, CA 94107


  1. Out of curiosity (for someone who hasn't done TTM requests before) what do you write to the players when you send these? Is it basically just "Hey I'm a big fan and a card collector and would love if you could take two minutes for an auto?" I'm just wondering if people feel the need to explain that they really are doing this for their own collection and not because they want to re-sell it, since it seems like a lot of players don't want to do autos for those guys.

    1. Hey Tony,
      It all depends. If I'm writing to a former Brewer, I say I'm a big fan and a life long Brewers fan. All of which are true. In the case of Will Clark, I'm sure I said something like. I'm a big fan and have some great memories of watching you play when I was growning up and you were one of my favorite players, also all true. And then I usually say, " I would love if you could find the time to please sign the enclosed card. It would mean a lot to me and I would love to add your autograph to my personal collection." The other key is not to send 15 cards. In the case of Will Clark I knew that he would only sign one anyways so no reason to send more than one card. On some of the lesser know players I send to I still send no more than 3 cards and most times usually no more than two. Some guys are really great about signing some others not so much. But getting a great player like Will Clark who signs for free TTM. I have no problem not being greedy. Hope that helps. And I don't write a book either, but it's also not just please sign this card.

    2. And I also hand write all my letters. I think it adds a personal touch and shows that you are taking the time to actually write the player.