Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Topps Basball Series 2 Jumbo Box Break

I haven't bought many cards in the last few months.  Partly to save money and partly because there was really nothing I wanted to open.  But as a set collector and a collector that has tried to put together Topps sets since I started collecting it's hard to pass up opening a jumbo box of Series 2.  Collation has been really good lately and I know that I should get a complete series 2 set out of box, which I did

I won't bore you with pictures of the base design and the continuity inserts, but there are a few new inserts this go around.
First the 3 new inserts.. Making the Mark
Chase it down...
and the Elites
I really like the Elites, even if they look just like the Greats insert from Series 1 and have a lot of the same players in it.  The other two inserts are pretty ho-hum.
On to the "hits"
My dollar relic card
My auto and my manurelic.
I was also lucky enough to get a few extras in the box.  A black parallel..

a camo and a silk....
of Jacob Turner.  

All in all not a bad box. I always enjoy pulling a could extra hits even if they aren't the superstars.  And I did get all the other gold and emerald parallels and all the other inserts and code cards.

Just an FYI I won't be around much this summer, but everything is available for trade, just realize it might take a long while to get a trade done with me right now.

cb out.


  1. Congratulations on pulling the silk... one of my favorite parallels of the era.

  2. I'll trade you for all the extra Cardinals cards you have. Email me at if you would be interested in starting up a trade. Thanks!