Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tales from the Closet Part 4 - The rest of my old German cards.

Well now, as promised the last of my German cards.  This won't be the last Tales from the Closet post as I have tons of stuff to post about and probably will use that material for a lot of posts the rest of the year.

I've really saved the best for last as these are really great art cards used for adveritsing and really remind me of the stuff Allen and Ginter was putting out in America with it's non-Baseball issues.

First we have this cool sea scape.  Seebad is a resort town in German.  I couldn't find anything out about this issue but the bottom right corner translates to No 2. Children beach life in 6 pictures.  From what little I could find and from the back of the card F.F Resag was a coffee house in Berlin.

I also have another Resag's card this one featuring natives from Togo.
I remember being told, I'm not sure by who, maybe one of the sellers at the German fleamarket I picked these up at, but I was told that these were used as spoon rests at coffee shops, kind of like a coaster.

Next we have another coffee card.  This one featuring sail boats on the Wannsee, a very large lake in the heart of Berlin. I remember riding ferrys on the lake.

Looks like this one might have been advertising a coffee shop with vending machines.
Next we have a really cool hunting scene. From what I gather Georg Meyer was a Butter salesman or seller

But my absolute favorite I've saved for last.  This card always reminds me of Silence of the Lambs.  It features a Death's Head Moth on the front, that's what Totenkopf means and Apotheke's are drug stores, and like pharmacies over here decades ago they sold all sorts of goodies including coffee and sometimes had soda fountains. And the Oldenburg Apotheke is still in business, they even have a website.

Alright boys and girls that's the end of my really old and cool various German cards.  I'm not sure what I'll have up next.  I really haven't bought any cards in the last couple of months.  I haven't even dabbled in a few packs of Archives or Score football yet.  Series 2 comes out later this week, so I might be picking up my Jumbo box before I leave for my next field trip.  I'll see if I can at least put up the highlights.

cb out.

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  1. I liked your narrative of these interesting cards. You have some nice artwork, and I personally love coffee. Do enjoy reading Doomed.