Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tales from the Closet Part 5 - German cigarette Soccer cards and others!!!

I lied.  I thought I had gone through all my old German cards, but I missed some actual sports cards.

These cards are mostly soccer cards, but I also have one track and field and one handball.

Information is a little sparse on this issue. and a British Football (soccer)  blog had a little information on the issue and the company that issued them.

These are German cigarette cards issued by the Richard Greiling Zigarettenfabrikan around 1926-27.  In the 20's and 30s Greiling issued hundreds of cards with various themes.  Lets have a look.

First the Fussball.
The front of the card literally translate to distracting with the inside.

There were suppose to be 14 series in this set.  This is card #10 or literally Picture 10.

This one translates to "Fists with both hands."

Here is my one Handball card I actually had to look up handball, but it's a real sport.
And my one track and field.

And there you go.  Ok I promise this time this is the last of my old German cards.  Next we'll return to some American stuff.

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  1. These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing/translating.