Saturday, November 9, 2013

I got primed!

I was at Bosco's for their monthly trade night and drawing. Every month the shop puts a pack of everything new that's come out in sports cards that month. If the person who has the drawn ticket isn't there the packs roll over to the next month.  Unfortunately I didn't win and someone else did. But since I won a couple years ago with 4 tickets I bought the night of I always try to buy a few packs before the big drawing. I ended  up picking up a few supplies I needed and two packs of 2013 Topps Prime.  I really like Prime it's always had a great looking design, very reminiscent of Upper Deck. I would love to put the set together, but packs are pricey at about 11 to 12 dollars a pack. And hobby cards are always on thick stock while the retail version of Prime is printed on a thinner stock.  

Anyway, my first pack only had a low numbered rookie in it. But I noticed that the second pack was a little thinker than the first and after opening it only had one card in it.

A pretty sweet Landry Jones book card.  This is the second book card I've pulled from Prime, HERE was my first one Prime's first year in 2010.

Landry had a pretty good college career at Oklahoma.  Time will tell if he ever gets to come out of the shadow of Big Ben, but it's still a pretty sweet card. 


  1. Congratulations... that's a great looking card!

  2. Agreed! Very nice. Do you know which part of the jersey that "S" is from?

    1. The material looks like it probably came from a sweatband. Topps use to put a label a each relic.

  3. That's a pretty nice card. Landry has an odd legacy at OU. He broke a lot of OU's passing records and I think at least one NCAA record, but I don't remember which one. But their are some fans who still blame him for every little thing that happened. Even when it's obvious that it was more on the receivers or even defense let downs that cost us the game. He's a solid dude, and really accurate, but I don't know if he'll ever replace big ben. It might be nice for him to find a different team in need of a QB for him to really have an success.