Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just seems really silly and such a waste

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but I remember Upper Deck putting out pictures  of this card on Twitter or Facebook or both, I can't remember, but it's been pulled and it's up one ebay. You can follow the auction here.

After looking at the card all I can do is shake my head.  Is sixteen Lebron autos better than one on a card?
This card would have been so much better with a nice auto and some huge relic pieces.  Plus Upper Deck doesn't have an NBA license so this is Lebron in Notre Dame gear.

I'm really interested to see how much this card goes for. As I write this the auction is at $3700.  

And I know that the card is more of a publicity stunt for Upper Deck, but just seems like such a waste of one of the premeire players autographs even if they are all sticker autos.



  1. I went back through UD's timeline on facebook and saw they also did one of these for MJ too. Not sure how many other players got the 16 treatment.

  2. Stupid. I can't understand having more than one real autograph (of a single player) on a single card or in this case a piece of memorabilia (yes memorabilia it stops being a card when you hinge it to a second card to start a booklet). I can understand getting a player to sign a card in person that already a facsimile autograph, maybe even trying to get him to sign the other side of a card that is already signed but 16 on the same piece of memorabilia? Silly Silly Silly

    Another stupid gimmick that the card company will thing was a super success but is a super epic fail.