Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Silly statistics

It's funny what I find myself getting obsessed about. I don't think I'd been this obsessed about a card since the Strasmania of 2010.

 I posted about this card last week. You may remember it. If not you can look at my recent posts or just click here if you want to read what I wrote.  Anyway, the absurdity of this card just wouldn't let me let go of it. So I followed it on ebay. I really wanted to see what a gimmick card with 16 Lebron James autos on it went for and now I can tell you.

The final sell price for this card was $7,500.  There were 24 active bidders for a total of 71 bids.  And after looking at the bidding activity and seeing that the winning bid belonged to a guy with over 6100 feedback I'd say the sale is probably legit.

 The auction started at 99 cents.  After looking at what box prices of 2012-2013 UD Exquisite Basketball are going for the seller did alright.  Boxes are currently going for about $638. That gets you six cards. 5 autos and one base or rookie card.  Crazy.


  1. I followed it too, after you posted it. I really wanted to get in on the bidding, but once it went over $10, I was out. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow... can't believe someone dropped $7500 on that card. I can only imagine having that kind of money to drop on cardboard, but if I did... it's a safe bet that I wouldn't spend it on this King James card.

  3. I'm guessing that Brian Grey bought it; he'll hack it into 16 separate autos and use them to make cards that sell for a few hundred each.

    1. Funny I thought that too. At $7500 buck that's about 470 bucks an auto!