Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strasmania Day 4, Too much Mountain Dew!!!! Plus the reappearance of a Superfractor!

Whew.  This thing is going crazy.  First an update for those of you who are not following on ebay.  I'm just a gawker, but it's fun to see what crazy total this card is up to.  As of 1 minute ago $42,600.00!! 
My original guess of 26 and change is a bit off.  I will piss myself laughing if this thing goes for more than 50k, which by the way, was the original auctions Buy It Now price. 

Now on to some other interesting, old news.  Sooz over at A Cardboard Problem.  Posted this last night.
But it looks like the guy who bought the Superfractor Strasburg is already trying to flip it. 

As the auction currently stands he's up on his investment but the card hasn't hit it's reserve yet even at $17,877.  Sooz guess was about 20 grand for reserve which is probably right on or near.  The wierd thing is he states in his auction that the card is currently being graded by beckett, yet he chooses to sell the card with out the grade on it.  As  a matter of fact the pictures look exactly like the ones from the original posting. 
I am assuming that the seller, who I haven't watch the interview yet and I just might not, is taking advantage of the hype from the 1/1 red auto, cuz the end times are suspiciously close, withing 2 hours of each other.  Not a bad idea actually.  And the seller is also correct that he bought the card even before Strasburg played his first game in the majors. 

There was also speculation, not much but some, that it was odd that there was no feedback from the original seller on this sellers feedback profile.  Well we can all relax it's actually there, just a little hidden.  Here's the link to the feedback page  The original seller was dunksb_sz10 the auction and sell date were,(#190398394834) and June 14th.   

Anywho.  I might just have to pop over to the A cardboard Problem to hit the links to the interviews. 
Well stay tuned as I plan on keeping track of these cards and ranting about how crazy this is.  I apologize for the fanatizism but this just blows my mind.  You know what I would do with 42 thousand?  Well I'll tell you what I wouldn't do and it's buy 1 baseball card of a rookie

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  1. I didn't watch the interview on First Take, but he told Beckett that he was looking "for a Hail Mary." Perhaps his reserve is more for than $20K. We'll see.