Thursday, June 24, 2010

WTF??? Clown Shoes all over again.

Well I guess now it's officially clown shoes for the red 1/1 auto Bowman Strasburg cards.  These can't possibly be real bids by people planning on actually paying.  I figured this back when this card jumped up to 50 grand then 100.  But people kept bidding people with actually good feedback scores and history.  And in a few short hours this afternoon this card went from insane to fucking clown shoes.  The sad thing is I'm sure people are just bidding now for bragging rights.  I can see the conversation now "Remember that Strasburg card that went for million bucks ya I bid on it around 250 grand."

Now looking at the bid history which is up to 215 bids from 105 different bidders the current high bid holder has a pretty significant 100% positive feedback history.  I just can't believe that this card will go for a million bucks.

As it stands it sits with in less than 500 bucks of a million.  Technically it's $999,501.27.  Here is the link to the auction.
I just can't see some one actually paying for the card now.  I can see a lot of non payment  issues and second chance offers and eventually a relisting of this card but a million bucks not likely

On the other StrasFront.  The Superfractor hottly contested 9.5 BGS graded card is up to $ 22,222.00.  So the seller has made over 6 grand on the flip, again if he gets paid. 

Well less than 4 days left and i'll be done ranting about this till the next stupid auctions or something comes up.
Probably a A&G box break or something.


  1. We have now entered the twilight zone

  2. Ebay is going to get about $100,000 out of this. There is a lawsuit brewing out of this I can feel it.

  3. In the last day of bidding, there will be bid retractions left and right and who will be left with the bill