Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Topps you bad dog!!

Howdy all,
It's been awhile I know.  I'm up in Fairbanks Alaska enjoying the hot smokey weather and nursing a sore lower back.  It's a bummer but the doc told me to take a couple of days off to let it heal and it's feeling better, but today I was feeling caged and decided to make my way to Fairbanks's only Comic Book/Card store to see what they had.  Anywho I ended up talking with the owner Kevin for about a half hour about Strassburg ect and decided to pick up one of his last boxes of Topps Series 2.  Now I've already busted 2 jumbos and am almost finished with my second set and really didn't need to buy much more but I wanted some Million Card Giveaway cards and it was by far the cheapest thing he had there.  He even gave me a 10 dollar discount.  See shmoozing pays off.
Before I get to the goods lets talk about this whole Strassburg #661 give away card that has the blog/hobby world pissed off.  Not because Topps decided to add a card to something that will be almost impossiple to get but that they promised that it would be available after the first pitch and wasn't until the 7th inning.   Now for me it's no big deal I didn't have any MCG cards to redeem anyways all my jumbo ones are still sitting in a box in Anchorage.  I was contemplating selling them since they are fetching insane prices on ebay right now.  But part of me would love to get a Strassburg card too.  I understand how people would be pissed off having entered all there cards right after the first pitch.  But this just seems dumb to me anyways.  It wasn't like the first 1000 codes would get cards.  And since the code doesn't correspond to a specific card what's the hurry to redeem.  It does seem under handed and sneaky and very unprofessional.  I will whole heartedly agree with that. 

Dayf over at the Cardboard Junkie has a great post I encourage you all to read here

Now on to my box.  So I decided to just get a hobby box and not spring for Kevin's last Jumbo. 

My one hit wasn't terrible but not great.

Good old Troy.
I also got one black parallel.

I also got 6 golds.

A red hot rookie redemption.  Figure I'd keep this one and have redeemed it already.  Gotta play the Topps Red hot rookie roulette.
I also got this card.

What the hell is up with these cards.  This is the second one I've pulled.  So it seems in the guise of a contest to find new artist Topps wants you to draw something and send it in and maybe it'll be inserted into a future product.  What do you get?  Nothing I would guess since there is no indication of any prizes or money associated with it.  MMMM.

I also got all the other inserts about 6 each. 
Oh and I got a Joe Mauer Yo Momma original back. 

Not terrible and I'm sure I should be able to complete my second set with this.  I'm a little disappointed in the Turkey Reds I got.  Out of the 9, 3 were doubles.   This is one of the insert sets i'm tring to complete and to get 3 doubles in a box sucks.  I also really like the 2020 cards.  I'm a sucker for the lenticular stuff.  Makes me nostalgic for the old Kellogg's 3-D cards from the 70's and 80's.

Well I'm trapped up north till mid July and I don't know if I'm goint to get any Ginter up here or not but maybe.  Keep up the good blogging.

PS.  Forgot to add this earlier but I got 6 MCG codes and no Strassburg by the way but did get a 64, 72, and 76 along with the junk.

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