Saturday, June 19, 2010


I know I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon with this but I'm a firm believer in letting the market decide the value of things.  When the Red Auto 1/1 Strasburg hit ebay the seller had a buy it now price of 50,000.00 bucks.  Here is the original listing.  Did he get that much or take a best offer.  Of course not.  Sooz over at a Cardboard Problem was having a contest to see if it would sell and for how much.  I correctly guessed it would not sell in the current listing, where's my prize sooz!!! Just kidding I think a bunch of us correctly guess no one would be stupid enough to pay 50 grand for a new card.  So today, well actually yesterday, the seller has reposted the card. Here.  And did he relist it for 50 grand?  Maybe cut the price in half.  Nope he started the auction at .99 cents and is going to let the market decide how stupid we are.  He put it up for a 10 day auction and it hasn't even been a full day and the card is at over $14,000.  In one day!!! The Superfractor sold for around 16,500 so who knows he might actually get over 25 grand for this card.

I know, free advertising.  I mean the superfractor actually made national news.  And no I'm not selling it.  I wish.  Hell the 661's are going for 350 plus on ebay right now.  Crazy.  I was going to sell my code cards but now i'm thinking I might want to enter them all to see if I too can find gold.  But lets be honest the Strasburg money train won't run forever.  I remember the same enthusiasm for Longoria and Price.  But at the same time it's kinda nice to see the excitement in the hobby and the attention.  Looks like Topps got lucky this year.  What would have happened if Strasburg never got called up this year?  I know that seems unlikely with the Nationals being the Nationals and the buzz behind him but would it have been another crap Bowman year? 

Anyways my new prediction is this card will sell for $26,000.00 plus or minus a grand.  Who has that kinda money in this economy??  Oh did I mention that you get free shipping if you win?

Until next time.


  1. The card will top $16,000 but not make $20,000 - I am going to say $17,900.

  2. I have a new contest up, well just an update from the old one. Still, guess the amount. Have until Tuesday at midnight to enter.