Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Donruss (Panini) Elite Football Box Break

Howdy all,
Well I finally had a few days off.  I've been working 2 weeks straight and didn't actually expect to be have anytime off so it's a nice surprise and much needed.  I was at the local comic/card shop here in Fairbanks were I'm working out off for the next month or so and decided I was going to buy a box of cards.  I had been trying to hold off till Allen and Ginter came out but I'll be out of town working in the bush by then so I when I went into the shop I spotted the newly released 2010 Elite Football.  I was thinking of buying a Prestige box but decided to go this route.  I had great luck with this product back in 2005 pulling a Cadillac Wiliams gold die cut #'d to 24.
To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of Elite.  The cards from year to year don't change that much and it's pretty much just the player cut out onto foil board.  But on the pull side if you need something to catch a fish with these will do nicely. 
It's interesting to note that the checklist has the Donruss Elite logo on it put the sheet is labeled Panini Elite.  Looks like Panini is doing brand shift over.  I'm betting next year it's just called Elite or Panini Elite. Chekc it out.

So here is the box break down and then I'll get to my Hits ect.

The box boasts 4 hits either autos or memrobilia.  So in theory you could get 4 autos or just 4 patchs, but we got a 2 of each and all the video box breaks I watched on YouTube were the same.

20 packs, cards per pack, cards with a patch actually have 6.

There are actually 200 cards in this set the first 100 are vets and then 101 to 200 are all numbered to 999 rookies.  So for realities sake I'm calling the base set the first hundred.

Base cards: 85 (85% complete set)
Duplicates: 0  (nice)
Numbered Rookies 101 +: 4
Elite Series: 1
SuperBowll 44: 1
Prime Targets: 1
Zoning Commmission: 1
Stars: 1
Aspriations Blue Die cut: 1
Chain Reaction:1
Prime Targets Jersey: 2
Rookie Insert: 2
Turn of the Century Green Rookie Auto:1
Status Rookie Die Cut Auto #'d to 24: 1

So that's the breakdown here are the picks.

The base cards look like this.

I just pick Portis at random there.

Next we have the rookie inserts.  These are the cards that are hard signed if these were auto versions.

Jonathan Dwyer and Rolando McClain, both numbered to 999.  Which by the way is the reaccuring them in numbering inserts here. 

Chain Reaction

My lone Packer Insert Donald Driver number to triple 9.

Nate Burleson, can you guess what it's number too?

Zoning Commission

Chad 85, #'d to 999.

Prime Targets non Patch

Old fumbles himself AP I wish this had aleast been a patch card, this one too numbered to 999.

Elite Series

Andre Johnson #'d 999

Super Bowl 44

4 numbered rookies.

Dez Bryant, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, and Jevan Snead.

Die Cut Aspirations Blue

Pierre Thomas #'d 65/77.

2 Prime Tragets Jersey Cards

Jamall Charles #'d to 299
DeAngelo Williams also #d to 299 Every one of these I've seen online has been white single color patchs.

Now onto the Rookie Autos

Everson Griffen Green Rookie Auto #d to 388.
And last but not least my big hit

Golden Tate Die Cut Blue Status Auto #d 02/24.  I was watching one of these on ebay and it's going for about 35 bucks so not too shabby.

Over all not too bad of a box you definately get alot of numbered inserts.  As a matter of fact I think there were only 2 or 3 packs in the whole box without one.  No Tebows for me though.

If you like shiny you will definatley like this stuff.  Until next time.

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