Wednesday, June 23, 2010

StrasMaina end Day 5 Will the Insanity Ever Stop!!!!????!!!! And other StrasBuzz.

Well here we are with just under 5 days till this crazy, ultra crazy, uber crazy auction for a card of a guy that's not technically his rookie. 
So far we've seen the 20 grand, range broken, the 50 grand and then last night it jumped up to 100 grand in 2 bids!!  Now as it stands its at $103,012.01.  It's the penny thats the killer.


Now onto the other Strasbuzz going on.  It's been announced that the superfractor that's up for sale again has gotten its grade.  And it's over all grade is 9.5.  Now this has bloggers up in arms.

Gellman over at Sports Cards Uncensored had this rant, about Becketts merits and trustworthyness.  I have personally bought and recieved BGS graded cards that I deemed to be subpar from there grade.  And for that reason I will no longer buy any graded card unless its PSA or SGC.  Those are the only 2 companies I'll buy from.  It does look like the auto fractor is off center and edging is in question too. 

On the subject of centering and grading Jeff over at I am Joe Collector, had this nice BGS grading comparison to look at with lots of pretty cards. 

There's all kinds of guesses as to why this guy graded the card let alone with Beckett and all sorts of conspicy theorys about Beckett bumping up this card because of the publicity.  Well duh!  I'm sure the guy sell the card  and getting it graded by Beckett gotta deal here too.  Plus tons of free advertising.

I want to congratulate Sooz over at A Cardboard Problem for correctly guessing the reserve price.  As the card has met its reserve and will sell, current price on the superfractor is 20,655. 

Well with all this crazyness it'll be interesting to see what happens when the 661's get autos and Bowman Chrome comes out and A&G and their printing plates ect ect.  Or it won't.  There hasn't been this much buzz and crazyness around a card since well since the Heyward Auto Superfractor and that wasn't nearly as crazy as this. 

Well if the guy sell the Red Auto actually gets paid good for him and good for the hobby.  Who knows this might bring in new and old collectors with the possiblity of pulling a card, a new card no less, this valuable.  Or maybe not.  I certainly have been less than impressed with Topps so far on their exclusive deal.  I have been really disappointed with the quality control issues with Series 1 and especially Series 2.  In this day and age with lasers and ultra sharp diamond cutting blades there is no excuse for off centerd cards and damaged cards making it into packs.  But that's a rant for another day.

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  1. Washington only had 32,000 last night compared to 40,000 his first game - I think the hype is winding down. I am sure the seller will not get $100,000 for the card. People will begin to retract bids.