Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bustin' some cheap wax and a couple new packs. 94 Donruss Series 2 Baseball

So today was a bum day spent mostly doing catch up work in town and not getting out in the field at all.  I had to FedEx some stuff to Anchorage and wouldn't you know it the Card/Comic Books shop is literally right next door here in lovely Fairbanks.

Last time I was here i bought a box of 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball.  But noq  I'm holding out for Allen and Ginter.  But they had some shelves of cheap 90's wax and I couldn't pass up these 2 boxes of 94 Donruss Series 2 for 9.99 a box.  Plus with this sticker on the front how could I resist.

I also decide to pick a couple of Series 2 Topps to see if I could get a MCG code.

So lets see.  36 packs per box 13 cards per pack carry the 2 that 468 cards for 20 bucks plus the bonus Dominator oversize cards.

Ah the early 90's this is back when the inserts were the hits and this box actually had some nice inserts.
I love on the box it also states very boldly that every!! card is foil stamped. 

It also boast to look for Long Ball Leaders seeded 1:18 packs so about 2 per box.  I got 3.

I know the camera sucks but here is Dean Palmer, Cecil Fielder, and Juan Gonzalez.

In Donruss as always is the Diamond King inserts.  I got 8. I really like how the Diamond Kings is all Sparkly.

I know only 6 pictured.  I got 2 doubles the Mattingly and Perez.
But I got the Greg Vaughn, go Brewers, Dick Perez, Don Mattingly, Ruben Sierra,
another Cecil Fielder insert, and Orlando Merced.

As adveritsed there were 2 90's Dominators.  I would call these box toppers but they were actually at the bottom of the box.  Plus they are just larger numbered versions of these inserts.

In this group of 5 inserts is , John Kruk, Tony Gwynn, Ken Griffey, Jr, Kirby Puckett, and Barry Bonds.
And wouldn't you know it.

My two box bottomer's were Puckett and Kruk. Both numbered to 10,000.  The ninties version of a short print I guess.  Both were in the 9,000 for individual numbers.

Of course this set also has a parallel in very pack called Special Edition and I got 72 of those. 

Not too shabby and a lot of fun to break.  I really wish they'd of had some series 1 and I'd probably put a set together to give me somthing to do, might just have to put together a series 2 set. 

Now I also bought 3 packs of 2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball, must be a series 2 day.  I didn't pull a MCG code but I did get 2 box hits.

I know another crappy photo, but it's a Red Hot Rookie Redemption #6 (so now I have 5, 6, and 8 covered for that Strasburg)   and a Auto of Joey Devine.  And I got out of the shop for under 30 bucks!!!

Well I might have to buy some Ginter when it comes out as I'll actually be someplace that I can buy it. Until then or as rants emerge Keep up the good work.

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