Friday, June 25, 2010

Strasburg on the decline Day 6 Insanity.

You know what these are people? there actual clown shoes!!
You know what this is?

Metaphorical Clown shoes!!
Ok so the card has come from the brink of ONE MILLION dollars to the edge of ONE MILLION dollars.
Still a staggering amount as the current reduce high bid is $ 982,100.  I'm sure we all remember when it was $999,999.00.  Well it looks like the seller and ebay are doing some house cleaning.  There have been about 50 bid retractions and cancelations so far and I have a feeling that there will be more on the way.

It appears that the seller has been contacting bidders to make sure they are legit.  And so far the close to a MILLION dollar price tag is still up there. 

Ah I can't wait to see the media hoopla about this card when it sells and the buyer and seller come out. Actually I can. Look how much press the superfractor guy got.  And nice segway there, that card is currently at $22,822. 
Both auctions have just under 3 days left.  So get your bids in now!!!!

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