Saturday, June 26, 2010

New definitions to collecting and Straswho?

Another day, another day of clown shoes.
Well nothing new to report on the Strasburg crazyness.  Other than the number of bids has been reduce no reduction in price.  The red 1/1 auto still sits at 501 grand!  Superfactor hasn't moved either, will have to see if there is anymore movement when the auctions get close to ending in just under 2 days.

On a lighter note.  I am amending my dictionary of collecting.

I was talking to the store owner in Fairbanks about how it sucks to be a set collector in the age of SP's.  Not just SP variants or accidents but purposeful SPs that make you buy more product to try finish a set.  I'm talking about Heritage and Chicle from Topps mainly, and then Panini's football issues with short printed rookies and yes you too UD.

So I have amended my defintions of a base set to a given product is those cards that are not SP's.  Now for completists this will not suffice I know.  But for base set builders it makes me happy.  I have made it official.  Let it be said that SP's don't matter anymore.  Now who's got those last three high numbers I need? :) 

Until next time.

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