Friday, June 25, 2010

Let the fall begin. I promise no more pictures of Stasburg cards. Enjoy the shoes once again.

Well no sooner did I post then the red 1/1 has been reduced in half.  We now have  a high bid of 501,000.  How long till we are back in the realm of reality?  Maybe another 450 thousand.  And still it would be insane.  Less than 3 days left. 

On a lighter note, I'm sitting here looking for something to watch and Fuse has a Michael Jackson tribute going on.  Has he been dead a year already?  Well Thriller is on and I have to say it's held up pretty well.  I remember when it came out.  It was the shit.  This is how I'd like to remember the man, not the crazy pedophile plastic surgery junkie.  John Landis you master.

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