Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I guess not so clown shoes. Day 5 of StrasMania.

Well I thought last night for sure was the end of the run for the Bowman red 1/1 auto of Strasburg.  Some smart guy last night bid the card up to 100 grand.  Since the bidder had 0 feedback and was new I figured it was just a ghost bid to screw up the works but it doesn't appear to have stopped the bidding as some well established bidders are still bidding up the card.  The current price is $100,400.00. Over double what the guy was offering to sell it for the first time it was posted.  I didn't think this card would fetch 25 grand let alone quadurple that.  I guess sky's the limit now as the price has approached the cost of a new home ( in some parts of the country).  Stay tuned there's still 5 days left of bidding! 

In othe Strasburg news the Superfractor is up to 18,600 and still has not met its reserve.  After thinking about it a while I realized that this guy probably put a rediculious reserve on the card not really wanting to sell it.  His remarks in his interview about testing the water to see what it's worth now make me believe it'll never reach reserve.  It is however almost 2 grand more than what the guy bought it for.

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