Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dime Box Treasures

Sorry for the lack of posting. I blame Topps. I had thought about putting out a post on the 2014 Series 1, but since everybody has already done that there's not much to add. And of course while I didn't buy a jumbo box to break I have been picking up the odd pack of hobby and retail. So much so, that I have now decided to just put the damn set together. I'll have a want list up as well as stuff for trade.

Anywho, I stopped by Don's Sportscards here in Anchorage a few days ago, to check and see if I'd won the monthly prize drawing. Spoiler, I did not. And while there I perused the drop board, nothing really cheap to snag and nothing else caught my eye. Then I started pawing though his ample dime boxes and found a few treasures I had to take home along with a couple packs of Topps Jumbo.

In the dime boxes I found a nice little pile of mini's and oddballs. The best was this group of 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter: World's Greatest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, and Bamboozles.  I never opened any 2009 Ginter. I ended up just buying a complete base set and then found a cheap SP set to finish it off, so while I have tons of 2008 and 2010-13 Ginter mini's I have almost no 2009's.

Besides being an oddball and mini lover, I love Allen and Ginter specifically for it's odd and interesting insert themes.  I think I have a few others from this set, but since grabbing 7 for a measly 70 cents I'm already 35% done.

Enjoy the oddities.


  1. Baseball or not, I still think these are among the coolest inserts ever made. The D.B. Cooper is especially fascinating.

  2. I've only done 2009 A&G so far, and have some minis left, I think. Do you need player card minis too, or just inserts? I should have a good many of those. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com

    From the look of them, I think I might have to try for 2014 A&G this year.