Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Topps Five Star Club?

Remember back in late 2012 when Topps announced it would be offering membership into it's new exclusive Five Star Club?  It got the ire up of a lot of lay collectors like myself. So much so I made parody membership cards for the One Star Club.  

The old link to the application doesn't work anymore.  There was a thread on Blowoutcards.com forums and the only useful  bit I gleamed from it is that prolific box breakers BrentandBecca didn't get in.  

Of course here it is well over a year later and all we get is crickets. I haven't seen any exclusive cards come out and I haven't heard anything about the club since.  

So what ever happened to Topps Five Star Club?  Did it ever happen? Is it so exclusive that you're not allowed to let people know you're a part of it?

I have a feeling it's like most extracurricular things Topps does, gone and forgotten.  eTopps? The Topps Blog? Topps Town? An useful information on the Topps website?  Couple with that that Topps uses social media like my grandparents. 

Anyone know what ever happened to the Five Star Club?

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