Saturday, May 31, 2014

I tried Topps Bunt.... and I liked it.

I"ll be honest Topps isn't know for their acumen with technology and social media in general. As a matter of fact Topps treats a lot of it's interactive endevours like a child who is super excited over a new toy when it's new and then quickly loses interest and it sits in the corner never to be played with again, ahem, eTopps, the Topps Blog, Topps Town, and the Topps website being a source of useful information.

So I was leery when Topps started it's foray into apps.  But I finally broke down this year and decided to give Topps Bunt a try.  And I'm actually kind of addicted to it.

For those of you who don't know what the Topps Bunt app is, it's basically a mix between  digital baseball cards and fantasy baseball, with a little of the old sitting around with your friends trading your doubles for cards you need.

When you sign up you get a big chunk of coins, which are used to buy packs.  There are various types of packs with varying about of cards, inserts, and parallels. You get more coins for logging in daily and you can also buy coins if you are one of those people who does in app purchases.

There are 5 kinds of base cards.  The base.

Here's what the "back" looks like.
Green Uncommon
Red Rare
Silver Scarce
And Gold Super Rare
There are also all kinds of different inserts that are found in certain packs and offered usually for only a limited time. Here's Jered Weavers Heritage insert
James Loney 1974 Archives insert
And Matt Harvey's Saberstars card
Another big focus on the game is playing your cards in a sort of fantasy baseball like game.
As you play you accrue weekly points and there are a ton of different achievement awards to win as well.

Another big part of the app is trading.  You select cards you want and then cards you want to trade and select 5 trading partners and wait to either have your traded accepted, declined or they counter offer.

There is also a social aspect of the game, but I have yet to add anyone.

If anyone out there playing around on the app and wants to add me as a friend my user name is cynicalbuddha.

Anyone else out there using the Bunt app. Anyone else like it?

cb out


  1. I, too, was skeptical at first, but have come to really enjoy it. I only wished I had played the game sooner- only within the last three weeks have I even made a line up. I've always lost interest in fantasy leagues, but can see this as something I would lose interest in. Doubt I will buy any packs, though- just use the free coins.

  2. Looks interesting. Might have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. After reading your post I gave it a try. Don't fully understand it yet, but I've added you as my friend. MARK_AUBREY is my game name.