Monday, May 26, 2014


Been slow here at Collector's Crack World Headquarters. After getting back from vacation there wasn't a whole lot I wanted to rush out and buy. Both Gypsy Queen and Bowman hit while I was gone, but since I don't plan on collecting either of those sets, other than my Brewers team sets, I haven't bought any. I'm still waiting for Series 2 to hit next month, so in the mean time I picked up this cheap 100 card repack for something fun to dig through.  Lets have a look at the goods.  I won't bore you with all the 87 Topps and the like only the "good stuff"  First up are the two top teaser cards.
We get a 2012 Topps Chrome orange refractor of Josh Johnson and 2011 Heritage Jackie Robinson Tribute card.

I love oddballs and this repack had a few.  I really like these 89 Bazooka cards.
A Pacific Eight Men Out movie card
1992 Donruss Dave Winfield 400 HR card.
How about a 1999 UD MVP card of the 1993 AL Rookie of the Year? Mmmm Salmon

Another great food issue oddball from the 80's
There was a handfull of these 88 Topps Mini's
One lone 1980's Topps.
There was also a smattering of 70's cardboard in the pack.
1978 Messersmith
Couple 79's
Couple 76's.
But the best card came out of the one lone pack included in the repack. Inside the 2012 Topps Update pack was this guy.

Craig Kimbrel US268 SP. Not too shabby.

Overall a typical repack with tons of junk wax, but a couple nice cards mixed in.


  1. I woulda picked up that one. I've never seen that Robinson card before.

  2. Nice repack. Wow an "Eight Men Out" movie card in the batch, can't get much more oddball than that in one of these things. Since that set was for a movie they are technically Non-Sport not baseball.

    Man I'd love to see the incoming/sorting room/area at Fairfield to see how the whole process works.

  3. That Robinson was worth the price of the repack alone. Nice pull on the Kimbrel SP as well!

  4. I still love the Astros rainbow jerseys. And I have a fitted orange cap.

  5. That Jackie Robinson is sweet! Gotta track one down on COMC. Nice repack.

  6. I am Pastor Fred and I work with men who are developmentally challenged. Tim Norseen, a 52 year old challenged adult, has a sizable collection of sports cards, mostly Baseball, that he has collected over the years. Some are singles but most were boxed sets that most he has put in binders. He desires to sell them. I have attached a partial list of the cards but there are so many I just have the time to catalog them. Would you be interested in buying them? or? 714-423-1034